About Us

Maagana camp is one of the first camps that were settled on the coast between Nuweiba and Taba in the early nineties. At Maagana, we're dedicated to creating experiences not just a regular lodge. Step into one of our cozy bungalows or old fashioned hoshas and feel the sea breeze all day long, wake up to the sound of the waves calling upon you.
Enjoy the lovely Bedouin breakfast and the great meditation spot. We have amazing snorkeling and diving spots with an easy sand access. Don't forget to grab a juice and lay down to enjoy the sunset, at night we'll keep you accompanied with camp fire, amazing dinner and Oud (lute) music. Feel free to bring your musical instrument, the more the better. Looking forward seeing you join our family

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Nuweiba - Taba Road (7 KM from Nuweiba), South Sinai Governorate - Egypt 01234


+2 012 841 90279

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